**This information is courtesy of the North Buckhead Civic Association**

A homestead exemption increase was approved by voters last November.  The change benefits Fulton County homeowners age 65 and up.  It increases their homestead exemption from $30,000 to $50,000, but only for Fulton County property taxes and not Atlanta or Atlanta Public School taxes and only if they apply.  Fulton property taxes represent a little less than a quarter of our total property tax bills.   


If you are 65+ and haven’t already qualified for an age-related homestead exemption (most probably haven’t), you must apply soon.  Applications made after Sunday, April 1, 2019, will apply to 2020 taxes, not 2019’s.


NBCA is not a tax advisor.  For filing instructions about this new exemption, see “16. AGE 65 FULTON COUNTY $50,000 EXEMPTION” at the bottom ofhttps://fultonassessor.org/exemptions/.


A mail-in application form is available here.


Application may be done by visiting a Fulton County tax office or by mail.  A listing of Fulton tax offices is near the bottom of https://fultonassessor.org/contact-us/.   


If you file by mail, be sure to read the paragraph entitled “manual homestead filing” at the bottom of this page.


For an orientation on the topic of Fulton homestead exemptions, see this 2018 video.  (We mention 2018 because the cutoff date for 2019 is April 1, not April 2.)


Finally, lee Morris, our area’s Fulton County Commissioner as good background information on this topic here.