Erin Olivier

Erin Olivier is not native to Atlanta. She moved to Sandy Springs in 2010 with her husband Jim, their son Nate and all of their fur babies. (A big, goofy dog named Bruno and 5 cats!) As a child, Erin moved around a lot; she attended over 13 different schools! Throughout her life, she has lived in Maryland, Florida, Illinois, California, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Joining the real estate world was a perfect fit. She knows what it’s like first hand to look for a house, move and be new to town. Erin was lucky enough to join BYT in 2014 as their Operations Director. After about a year in the biz she moved on into a Buyer's Agent Role. The perfect role for her!

When Erin is not out there working with clients, you will probably find her either on an airplane headed somewhere or volunteering at Nate’s school, her homeowners association, donating blood for the American Red Cross or helping to organize the Walk For PNH which she started while living in Florida in 2006.

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