And just like that Summer is over! I hope all of you had a great Summer! If it was anything like ours it was a blur.  Olivia played on a Summer softball tournament team for the month of June. She had a blast and it was so fun to watch all of the girls bond. Other than that Olivia was super busy with swim team and camps.

James and I headed out West for a week and stayed in Telluride, CO. He had a big birthday this year so we went to one of his favorite places on Earth. This is one of the most beautiful places ever and I would highly recommend adding it to you “must do” list.

The Barnes Young Team stayed very busy as well. This summer was one for the record books. We were able to help a large number of both buyers and sellers with their real estate needs and they were able to take advantage of the low inventory and low interest rates. There is still time if you know of anyone looking to sell a home or buy a home and we would love to help so please share our names with anyone you hear of that may want to sell/buy now or in the future. 


Finally, Jennifer and I just got back from Austin, TX which is where Keller Williams Headquarters is located. We were there to learn about all of the new technology they are about to roll out and you better buckle up! We are about to release a new consumer App that will blow your mind and be the one and only real estate app you will ever need so stay tuned!